The Bob Marley Volunteer Defence Squad are the veterans of the first campaign of the russian-ukrainian war, formed in 2014 to defend Ukraine from Russian invasion in Donbass. In the last years, after returning from war, the members of the Squad only just begun to establish peaceful life in Kyiv, working in civic organizations, arts, advertising, banking and even science. Today they reunite to defend their country from the Russian envision. The Bob Marly squad, reinforced by civilian defenders, joined the ranks of the 112th Separate Brigade of the Territorial Defence of Kyiv, 79th Airborn and volunteer units of MOD. On the very first night of the Russian invasion, they took the fight against Russian troops in the northern approach to city, are preparing to liberate the East and South of Ukraine

We collect money from the account of an Ukraine-registered foundation so that payments can be made.

The supplies for the Bob Marley Squad, sourced with the help of your donations, will be collected at the logistics centre in Europe and delivered to the front line.

We collect money from the account of an Ukraine-registered company so that payments can be made.

Supplies are sourced in EU countries, USA and Canada, making the economies of these countries stronger.